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Qvive is a fast-growing company based in the Netherlands. We assist companies in identifying performance and stress among their employees. The assessment, based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV), will only take 5 minutes before you can see the results online! This unique tool is perfect for HRM Professionals who want to scan their organization differently with an innovative method.

Nowadays stress is a high topic and research shows the consequences are huge and negatively influencing the work performance. To prevent long-term absenteeism it is necessary to act now!

Our stress-assessment gives an indication of your stress level and creates awareness. In addition we developed a personal coaching program to offer to your employees/participants as a follow-up to the assessment. The coaching program, also based on HRV will help your employees to deal with stress and to improve their performance. A behavioral change will make the result long-term effective.

Our efficiency is that we work online and we have a unique collaboration with Medeia.


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